Happy Easter? With mom in rehab.

Happy Easter Photo      HAPPY EASTER to all the caregivers and their carees.  Myself, Trish and Robert meet with my family at the local Indian Casino and we hit the Easter Brunch Buffet they have each year.  We normally go to the Mother’s Day Brunch so I’m not sure what made us think of this.  As always everyone had just about a 1/2 – 3/4 of a plate too much to eat and we all walked away with a little drag in our step.  There was the issue of one not in attendance, mom.  Who is right now laying in her rehab facility, most likely 15 year old bed you know those with the big indentation right in the middle of your low back to the point your laying on the cross support bar and just cannot get comfortable.  For lunch they are most likely going to have the same as always, chicken of some sort, with a veggie (beans or corn), a roll or piece of bread and for dessert a two

www.recipies.com/houwstuffworks scoop banana pudding and don’t for get the kids lunch size milk and finally a 4 oz glass of water.  Same every Sunday except the veggie and the bred may change once in awhile.  This is another one of those  holidays where we always get together and go out for brunch, even with mom not being there Jimmy’s coming and mom is sitting by herself, no physical or occupational therapy, no bingo or pet appreciation day, no musicians or Easter egg decorating, just mom waiting for her three meals and medication five times a day.

     She’s not going to get off that easy.  Trish as always has made the kids Easter Baskets and even gave a bag of 18 or 24 plastic eggs to our daughters boyfriend so that he could hide for her.  The idea even came up to place them all over the park literally next door and also fill them with dog treats for my Grand-Dog Charlie to do his own egg hunt.  When she does this it seems that mom is never forgotten in some manner and this year it was a basket filled with all the things she enjoys, Corn Chips, Diet Soda, Crossword Puzzle book, a Journal, misc. this and that and plastic eggs filled with Kisses and cash so she can roll herself down to the employee vending machines for a cold soda or something from the snack machine (mom goes for the salty over the sweet), we also picked her up a Bonsai plant to help make the place look more  homier and Jimmy (other brother) picked her up a flower-pot of Calla Lillie’s.   We even hung around the facility and gabbed for about 1-1/2, just before lunch arrived.  Which was just enough time for mom, with her depression and hearing issues a bunch of people talking over, around each other, then having to repeat it more than once really wears mom out.  Plus over the past few months, mom has been having trouble with her days and nights mixed up and has not been sleeping at all and even with the Melatonin they’ve been giving her she is still only running on maybe 2 hours of sleep a night and (??) 2-3 hours throughout the day combined.  After her issues with the Morphine and Tramadol she is very reluctant to take any new medication, so we had to explain that its not a prescribed medication and that you can purchase it right off the shelf, just down from the Vitamin C and D.  I looked over and noticed Robert was passed out in the travel wheelchair, my back was tore up from all the planting I did yesterday which included dwarf cocktail tree, patio blueberry bushes, a white and a red grape plant, some string beans and a few more strawberries.  Since we’ve made a decision on when we are getting the interior paint, upstairs carpet and all the baseboards replaced (May 15th-19th) to  prepare the house to be sold I even started packing my office which I’m finding, you have more stuff in all those nooks and crannies than you might think.  With that in mind we say our goodbyes and head out.

     So another years Easter has come and gone, we save the world another 3-1/2 dozen eggs (kids are moved out), ate more calories than what is on my approved list, forgot about 1/4 of what I did eat and drink My Fitness Pal Icon and of course I wasn’t entering things into the, “My Fitness Pal” app as I was eating and boy am I not looking forward to  hopping on the scale tonight.  So, may your heart be filled with something  other than peanut butter and may your drink be more than raspberry jam.  HAPPY EASTER!!

– Richard (Kreisler)

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