Robert’s Hot Rod Walker

     I know this is a recycled photo but it makes the point.  I have had people think I’m crazy for taking Robert to the store with me to do some shopping, I say I’m crazy if I don’t take him.  Robert loves shopping even if it just for food, gift boxes at the dollar store or even just to get gas.  I am 100% positive it make him first feel good, second I think it allows him to feel he’s contributing and third he’s able to see a large number of people in a short period of time and say Thank you and God Bless to as many as possible.  Somewhere inside each and everyone of us we all want to be a part of and help to others even if we are disabled.  Yesterday while at the store picking up items for today’s large family Christmas Party, there’s Robert in his walker and I have him holding a carry basket with five 1/2 gallon bottles of apple cider, because I’m good but even I can’t (well I can it just takes up more aisles) push a walker with a 215 lb. person in it and at the same time pull or push a full size shopping cart. two containers of whip cream, I also had two 49ers shopping bags one on each handle, filled with food.  Robert was in the middle of all this and the entire time time is joking, commenting on things throughout the store, telling babies their beautiful and of course Merry Christmas to all.


     I say, why should he put his life or ours on hold just because he’s dealing with epilepsy?  It’s an issue dealing with the brain that creates seizures it  does not make him bedridden.  I have made it clear to everyone that if there is something that needs to be done, shopping, Lowes (Home Improvement) or other, I will get it done even if that means Robert and I make a guy trip out of it.  Hey we may even stop by Starbucks for a tea and Double Chocolate Chip Frappachino as a treat to us.  Every time I’ve mentioned to Robert that we have some running around to do he responds with, “Well, That sounds good.”  Last night I even gave him the option of having the chocolate frappachino or waiting (already 4pm) for dessert and having Rocky Road Ice Cream, no brainer, ice cream won hands down.   So, keep your caree’s day as normal as possible.  We let Robert have the option of dessert or shake, which shirt does he want to wear, does he want to go with me or not, I could have and would have just waited until Trish came home from work and gone up and did all this, but I knew how he would answer.  Giving them options, a voice and not just assuming how they will answer I think will surprise you.  Easiest way to put it is;

“Treat others as you would want to be treated.”


– Richard

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