Where are we headed?

Where are we headed?

     I need to start this post off with, “I’m not talking about everyone, just the _?_%”  And what am I talking about?  The people that see someone, be they elderly, pregnant, disabled, hands full, having a medical issue which ever and clearly they are in need of some assistance with a door, picking something up, what ever it is and these people just sit or stand there and do absolutely nothing.  Yesterday me and Robert meet up with my brother Jimmy and mom for coffee around 4:30 pm.  The mermaid logo coffee shop we went to was busier than i had ever seen it for that time.  Now its sprinkling out, cold, I have two mermaid logo bags full of blood oranges from our tree for mom and Jimmy and at the same time I’m pushing Robert in his transport wheelchair (does not have the large tires, so he can’t move himself) and now trying to get in the only door going in/out.  People are standing and sitting there looking directly at us and there are those who are acting as if they don’t even notice, you all know who your are and not one of them steps up and says “can I help you, or grabs the door and holds it open.”  



     Now when I say the _?_%, I mean that I have been in run down, project areas of Sacramento and San Francisco, even Miami and the Bahamas where I’ve seen 12-13 yr old kids stop walking by someone just to hold open a door and here I am in a upper scale coffee shop (say this because of their prices) and no one raises a finger to help.  I just had a thought, why am I putting “and you know who you are” in this post?  If they read this post they would have helped, it means they have someone they care for and they understand what its like to be where I was.  There are times when I hold open a door and the person will say, “there are still gentlemen,” well what about not gentlemen but plain decent understanding, kindness, lend a helping hand, etc.?  What happened to teaching our kids how to be polite, kind and caring?  If i was with my kids and they did or didn’t help in this case I would say something to them right then and there (and have), I would thank them for being so understanding and helpful and also ask them what they were thinking for not helping if they saw someone needed it and it would be in front of or ear shot of the person they did or didn’t help.  Another question is, should store be required to have automatic handicap doors or at least hydraulic assisted doors for those in strollers, wheelchairs, using a walker or even an elderly person who may need that little extra bit of help?  Then all you _?_% can go back to your coffees, fra__achino’s and not have to worry.  Reach out and hold open the door for someone, its not a disease its a door.  *<? : ^{ )>

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