Embrace, Employ, Empower Family Caregivers

Embrace, Employ, Empower Family Caregivers

Hello Everyone,

     This blog is to let you know of a web site that takes the time to get to know the people (caregivers) and the family members, friends and others (carees) that they care for.  These folks blog their stories, their lives even their pain daily on Caregiving.com.  As most of you already know, according to the National Alliance on Caregiving there are more than 65 million people in the U.S. alone caring for someone that is ill, disabled even elderly.  Becoming and continuing to be a caregiver can get overwhelming.  At times there are feeling of guilt, anger and exhaustion.  Each and every one of these caregivers, even the carees need a place to express, relay or just vent those feelings.  I would highly recommend Caregiving.com, designed opened, and ran by Denise Brown and now years later with her team of volunteers help is needed.  If you have ever used a caregiving, medical, eastern or western medicine web site you understand how important these sites are.  If you can take a moment or two and watch the attached video and read the various “Perks” that are available we are wondering if there may be a way that you can Help Caregiving.com Embrace, Employ, and Empower those Family Caregivers that need help, helping their loved ones.



p.s. I have attached several links for you to preview the types of articles written for the caregiving.com readers





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