Get Your Book Published! eBook Publishing Company Seeks Submissions

For those of you with ebooks that you have spent years writing, here a relitivly new online publisher who is looking to add those caring books to their stable. I figured I would post this hoping they May interest you. Good Luck

Book Hub, Inc.

Have you written a book? Do you want to publish it? Or have you already published a book but need help distributing it? Are you in need of creative services like cover design or editing? Marketing to a wider audience?



Book Hub, Inc. is a leading independent book and eBook publishing, marketing and distribution company. Our mission is to provide profitable programs for authors and publishers through successful sales, creative marketing, and efficient operations, aimed at national and international accounts. Here at Book Hub, we help authors and publishers achieve their publishing goals, creating professionally designed and manufactured books and assisting in all tasks marketing and distributing. We value our publishers, and are dedicated and committed to customer service and customer satisfaction.

We are looking to work with new authors and small publishers for the rest of the 2013 year and into 2014! Even if…

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