ID My Pill. Does It Work?

ID My Pill Application Review

 I was recently asked to review a new and I will say much-needed app in the world of medicine, one that my family and I have discussed the need for many times, ID My Pill is just that app. You will need a phone that has internet access and a camera.  The idea behind the app is, you place the pill you need ID’d onto the black are of the scan card, which you need to print out ahead of time.  You then open the app, take a photo of the pill in question and click send.  Within seconds you receive the top 25 pills that are the closest match to yours along with basic information about the drug (name, etc.)

ID My Pill
ID My Pill Scan Card

    Of all my pills (5 pills, 3 times each) I scanned and sent for ID, every time the pill in question was in the results I received back from ID My Pill. The only issue I had was that some of my pills are yellow and the only one that came back listed was white in color, so do not expect a 100% match.  I received the same results when I used several of my mothers pills (6 pills, 3 times each).  It looks like the app does not take into account different manufactures use of color, I had the same issue with one of her pills which is blue and the match was in white. 

    For the low-cost of the app ($4.99), to have the knowledge that if you find a pill, drop one into the wrong bottle by accident or if your doctor changes say your Lasix for the fifth time this month and you’ve don’t know if those are the 20mg or the 40mg or if that pill is a pain-killer or an anti-depressant, this app could save your or your caree’s or you own life.  In my opinion as a caregiver and a caree, this is a must have app for everyone who cares for someone, someone who is on multiple drugs, for safety and piece of mind, ID My Pill should be in every caregivers toolbox, the safety aspect alone far out weighs the cost.  For Simplicity Factor, Cost Factor, Safety Factor, Need Factor I give this app “Two Caregivers Thumbs Up.”

Two Thumbs Up

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