Trust Us, Please

Trust On Dartboard Showing Mistrust Stock PhotoHow do you define trust?  

You trust your husband/wife, you married them.

You trust your kid with your car.

You trust your daughter with her boyfriend

You may not trust your daughters boyfriend.

You trust the bank with your money.

So why not give that trust to your loved one when it comes to watching your mom, dad, brother, sister or other loved one?  When the idea of needing to have a family member move in with you and your partner hopefully you discussed the issues that revolve around caring for that loved one other than yourselves?   Since your reading this I would say that you both agreed to trust each other enough in allowing “the care for” that family member when you were not around and that you believed your partner would take your caree’s best interest to heart.  I understand that it is hard to release control over what happens, what things to try and to not try, I do understand.  This is very similar to the bond a single parent has with their child and when you remarry and one has to then hand discipline issues to the step parent when the biological parent is not there, it never seems to fully go over without a hitch.  The biological parent “always” has a deeper connection to the child and will usually question the new parents way, suggestions and views even though it may not be so many words or just in facial expressions.

Don’t miss-understand me here, there is the love, respect and dedication you have for one another yet when it comes down to your blood, your “family,” you protect them more than you want to admit.  Trust me, when it comes down to the safety of a family member who needs to be watched more or less 14-16 hours a day and you are entrusting your spouse to pick them up from their day program, take care of them, take vitals, clean up if necessary after restroom runs (no poop or sorry pun intended), it is a lot of work so please give us a little more line, trust us.  Coming from a blended family and going through a not so pleasant divorce prior to and during our marriage I understand why people are this way with their biological children.  You want to protect them just as we step-brothers and step-sisters want to do with our new extended family we have agreed to have move in, to take care of, to wake up with when necessary and much more.  So with this in thought here is all we ask:

– Listen to us if we have something to say

– Trust us if we say something

– Think about our suggestions before shutting it down


– Believe us we have your back

So, If you need our help, wife, husband, mom, dad, brother or sister, just hit the button.

We are here for you.

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