My Pain is a, Pain

Can pain in it self be a pain in the, ask yourself this question, “If I am in so much pain how can people not know it?”  Well, the answer comes down to a repetitive sound, or a repetitive motion.  If you hear something over and over and over, eventually your mind will get to a point where it ignores that which in essence is being a pain.  So we look at a family member  who is bouncing around the house doing what looks like some sort of weird meditative yoga exercise routine when in fact they are dealing with chronic pain and are in extreme pain, are frustrated, depressed, angry and are filled with a multitude of other emotions all because of this nightmare feeling of chronic pain.  It has taken over their lives even more than you think it’s taken over yours.  They are the one’s in pain, dealing with the anger, frustration and more and they don’t even realize their doing the meditative exercise routine anymore, their going through the motions, going with the flow.  How do you stop yourself or a loved one from grunting, moaning, rocking back and forth, stretching, exercising while in public?  You can’t, if it has been going on for awhile  it’s so second nature to them and all their thinking about is the pain.  So to say, My Pain, is a Pain, damn right it is.  It has not only affected my life but also the life’s of everyone I come into contact with (personally) mother, father, wife, kids, brothers, sisters (include “Step” family members here, man I hate that word), cousins. aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, anyone I have anything planned with has had to adjust their schedule or what we were doing at one time or another because of my back.  Pain, you are a Pain.

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