It’s just our way of dealing with it.

Well there is humor and then there is our definition of humor when it comes to someone being in the Emergency Room (ER), in the hospital, going to a doctor (any doctor) or even just plain home sick. After you read this blog I’m sure you will understand where I came up with, “Pain without Humor is just, Painful.” When it comes to my family anything and I mean anything and everything is game. We have joked about the only reason I am someone’s caregiver is that when a certain someone passes I want the $1.50 change on her night stand or the $5.00 inheritance that’s saved up. When my mom was in having a double heart valve replacement surgery every joke you can think of regarding the heart was used and some new one made up. Her surgeon even played into it when they had to inset a pacemaker and he was looking at the stats, he popped up with look and pressed a button on the test machine. Mom within seconds stated, “Oh man I feel woozy and have a major headache.” When asked what he did (of course after he hit the button again), he stated I turned off her pacemaker. Want to see it again? He then pressed the button again, and there goes mom into La La Land, only for a brief second.


“Mom with her two best friends. Their the only one’s who will listen to her.”

Everyone that comes into contact with our family when someone (mom normally) is admitted or sick usually listens to us for the first few times they meet us then the third or fourth time it’s, “How can you guys be so mean, your mom is sick?” Then they listen to my mom who is 100% involved and usually the one who started it with some comment she made that didn’t come out quite right and we all run with it. We joke about death, life, sickness’s, broken bones, diseases, its all open and game. We are like this no matter who the subject is and it is just the way “We” have learned to deal with illness’s, no matter how bad. Of course there is a place and a time for humor don’t get me wrong, but for the majority of it, game on. We have returned to the ER or mom can be admitted nine months later and people from various departments stop by to say hello when they hear mom’s back. So when you laughter coming from a room 10-12 rooms down and the stuff you hear is pretty touchy in terms of right and wrong conversation topics in a hospital, that’s my mom’s room, come on down, stop on by (bring donuts or pizza) and as one of my favorite sayings from last years Big Brother series, “Pop-A-Squat” and join in.

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