Growth, right where you are

As James Oppenhein says in the poem I posted today, “the wise grows it under his feet.” When someone is dealing with chronic pain their only thought is whats happening down the road, how do they get rid of the pain, the mental taxation that is being placed on them and yes on their loved ones. When your in chronic pain and I have been from a pain level of 4 up to a pain level of 12 (from 1-10) so yes I do know pain, in fact we just had dinner last night because I decided to walk our dogs. Any way when your dealing with pain who cant see whats happening right in front of your own face, you can’t imagine being in a pain level lower than you are in that moment your just thinking, “How do I get out off this.” Well you can’t, at least not the quick way, it takes time and you need to look at the here and now or the right under your feet. You need to work at relieving the pain, stress, confusion the pain causes and yes all the other pain that is happening because you are trying to stretch, ice, heat, walk, bike or what ever form of relief your trying at the time.


As you know the pain does go away and if your like me and decide to feel like a man (FYI I’m male, so insert woman and what ever it is that causes you pain, this is what I do) by walking both dogs at once instead of one at a time or mowing our back yard in one mow instead of two (which I take an OTC pain med 30 minutes before to help curb the pain) then the pain will always come back and you have yourself to blame. But there are those times when “I” just have to do it to prove to myself I can and I will deal with the extra 2-3 days of increased pain as will those around me. Those days are way behind me, rarely do I push myself that far anymore, rarely.


So don’t think you can’t look at the here and now for pain relief because it has to start here and it has to start now. I deal with pain daily and over 20 years of it I have learned what pain I will be in when I do something extra or over and above and will ensure I don’t do that if we have a family event coming up because of course with at least “my” increase in pain comes an increase in my short fuse shall we say and all of you out there in chronic pain know how long your fuse is pretty much daily. So look to right when the pain starts “now” instead of after the pain has come “distance” to start the recovery process. And if you decide to mow, or walk both dogs or something other that’s sets your pain off, at least tell those around you so they can be prepared for the consequences.

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