Why is PickYourPain.org Here?

     After 20 years of dealing with my own daily chronic pain and for the past four years being a caregiver for my mother who has heart and other medical issues, as well as caring for my brother in-law who now lives with us and has epilepsy, I felt it was time to tell my story and try and help others who are dealing with chronic pain as well as pain in general.  My wonderful wife, Trish who recently wrote a book, “Forever a Caregiver” which details the issues she has dealt with since childhood with her mother and father and their own medical issues and her dealing with the passing of her mother in years past.  While she was writing this book and many articles for various publications she came across one of the sites I’ve listed as, “Blogs I Follow,” Caregiving.com, which was put together by a wonderful, amazing and caring lady Denise Brown.  This wonderful site brings together caregivers and gives them a location to tell their own stories, share their ups and downs. connect with other who may not have the exact same issues but the majority of the underlining issues are the same and that is where we all connect and become an online family.  Recently (3-4 months ago) I became active with the site and today I am a group manager to several of the groups on-site, am involved with the internet radio shows Denise hold weekly, twitter chat rooms as well as basic site chats and much more.  This site was the final needle in the haystack I needed to push me into starting this blog site.

   The sites name PickYourPain is giving you option to choose what your pain really is.  Is it the crick in your neck, the twitch in the lower back, the stabbing pain in the back of your arm or something totally different.  What is your pain, whats causing your pain and how do you take care of your pain?  That is why I’m doing this and I want to do it with the addition of humor.  As my tag line say, “Pain Without Humor is just Painful” is just that, if you cant laugh at your pain, you then cant make the next step into figuring out the best way in dealing with it.  If your not laughing then your concentrating on the pain and it is then clouding up your mind into finding the solution.  I will agree pain is painful, I’ve been dealing with (my levels) a level 5-7 of 10 pain for the past 14 years, before that i was at the least a level 7-8 for 2-3 years, and for the first four (4) years I was anywhere from a level  8 to a 12, so I can honestly say (as can my family) Richard knows pain.  I have done the research, been through the tests, tried the drugs (western and eastern) have learned what does and does not work for me and am willing to help point you in a direction that might help you with your issues.  I AM NOT A DOCTOR AND I DO NOT CLAIM TO BE ONE.  I am just a guy who has talked the talk, did the walk and now want to share and help.  If I can point one person the that one website that will give them the information they need or points them to where the information is or if I can talk someone through a hard day or a hard minute, give someone an alternative to narcotics to discuss with their doctor then that makes what I am doing here all worth while.  After my accident (well when I was rear ended by a DUI driver) I was told to “You will have the pain for life and you will need to get use to it.” That’s what I thought I had to do because I was being told this by a doctor.  Well I realized after trying it that way for 2-3 years that he was full of crap.  You need to advocate for yourself or a loved one to get the care and a caring doctor that you need.

Stand up for yourself if the pain is to great, I did and in doing so the treatment I received in a matter of day reduce my pain level from the customary 8-12 do to a consistent 4-6.  Over the years I have tried to get lower than that and I’m not sure why.  I always said if I can get to a 5 I would be happy and the when I got there I wanted lower, now I know if they can keep me at a 4-5  I would be an am happy.  Find your line and when you get there be happy with what you have  of course if the doctors say they have something greater, maybe try it but if your where your comfortable why more?  Well, that enough for me my back is saying its way past your sitting down time and time to more and stretch, so until next time.  Find your line and stick to it, it may be the best you get. 

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