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Two Caregivers Morning, 1/22/15

Good Morning All, To all new caregivers and to all those 65 million (29% of the U.S. population) existing caregivers, this is our team, of two’s caregiving morning and all all before 6:45am. Wake up Sh_t, Shower and Shave (Military Saying) Meds Taken Bed Made Over Night Emails Read Dogs Fed Roberts Lunch Made Roberts…


Yesterday me and mom went to her 2 month checkup with her kidney doctor where we were told she was doing wonderfully and did not need to check back for four months unless there were any changes. At the end of the appointment the doctor asked her how her heart was doing and I normally would have fallen over by her response, but I’ve been doing this too long, “Well for about 4-5 days now my hearts been running at 120-130 bpm (beats per minute). She was informed after her heart surgery that with the pace maker she needs to get into the Emergency Room (ER) ASAP when her heart is beating above 110 bpm for more than three days. “MOM YOUR 2-3 DAYS LATE.” The doctor said that she needs to contact her cardiologist ASAP to update them.

Of course I was not leaving her house until she at minimum called and left a message, which she did do within minutes of returning home. The response is one she didn’t want to hear, “Go to the ER, ASAP!!” Because I had to be home to get Robert off the van and Trish was stuck at work late, my “Other Brother” Jim stepped up and took her into Sutter, Roseville. Arriving she had a HR of 126 and as the night progressed it turned into Atrilfibulation which is when your HR is bouncing all over the place.

This morning her pulse over a minute period has been 120, 101, 69, 77, 128, 84, etc. Overnight mom went from having a high pulse (120-130) to being in Atrilfribulation with a pulse of 102 and a BP of 90/105. The plan of attack today will be:

• Blood Work (More)
• Stress Test
• Other Fluid Tests (No Comment)
• Check Pace Maker (x2)
• EKG’s (x2)
• CT Scan “Possible”
• Cardiologist is worried about heart
• GP “here” is worried about her stomach pain (Diverticulytis)
I’m worried about all of it.

The doctor just arrived “again” so need to hobble in and get an ear full. Will follow up when possible. Everyone have an amazing Friday (12/5). Be merry, kind and fully of joy over whatever gets your heartstrings going.

Richard K.




Mom and Her Meniscus, Again. (06/15/2014)

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Mom’s Update, “Not Bad, Not Great”

Mom’s Update, “Not Bad, Not Great”     I am going to do a first here and try in the shortest possible blog I can, update you on myself as well as mom’s medical status .  Because I’m known for the shortest blog post around, right? The past few days have boomed with medical activity in…

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