Be Yourself


                                      Stop letting people who do so little for you,                                       

   Control so much of your mind, feelings and emotions

   – Author Unknown 

Dream or Reality?

Drive to Santa Cruz non-stop, walked hand in hand with my loved one down a beach of fine white sand that flows between your toes like that in an hourglass, dinner at the best restaurant on the pier while still in our beachwear and then dancing until the late hours of the night.  Not a grunt, not a groan, no stretching, bending,  twisting (except on the dance floor).  Then Tai Chi / Joga stretching with the sunrise on the beach wonderful early morning coffee watching the fog burn of the surface of the water.  Shopping in the quaint little town just up the road where the boys come back with a new story of monster waves from nowhere then we drive home again. No Pain for once in 20 years, 2 months 25 days. 3.65 minutes.  Then it hits me, I wake up its all a dream.

      Pain, level 9 from laying down all night, Fitbit say I was restless 29 time and awake 12 (means out of bed), stiff and can barely roll over onto my side and when I make it my pain has leaped the 10 hurdle into new realms.  Need to bend my knees to chest and having a hard time with it, make it 1/2 way and the pain feels like someones pulling my spine out my, ask me why i’m awake so much and I’ll tell this is why.  Finally make it, knees to chest, done now sit up another feat of wonder but I make it.  Sweat beading up on forehead, pain now running from 2/3 up my spine down into my right leg and was able to get it down to an 7-8.  Luckily I have yet to wake the dogs who now command more than their 1/3 of the bed.  I feel like a country being run over in the night when I have to get up and stretch the dogs roll into positions to take over what once was mine.  There is no negotiating with them in trying to get it back, so I ensure I have enough to lay as straight as possible even if that means crossing paws with the enemy.  In the middle of the night the pain is so intense or has sent a shooting jolt of pain down my spine or my leg or both and like a major charlie horse I am up out of bed usually with a tennis ball and the nearest wall.  

     OK, this is the tenth time tonight I’ve been up, lets see if I can push the dogs around enough to find my little island of bed with that white sand beach, to climb back in and fall asleep into that dream land with my loved one hand in hand. Oh yea, No Pain .

Tux Love

My “Caree Information Sheet”

Information Sheet 080213

Attached in an Excel spreadsheet is the Caree Information Sheet my wife uses for her brother who has life long epilepsy, one has also been placed on file at his Easter Seals Day Program if something happens to him there.  Me and mom use for her heart and lung appointments (well all their appointments) and me for my chronic back appointments.  This form includes as you will see all necessary information the doctors will need other than the current reason your walking in the door.  Your caree’s name, address, social security number or medical ID number, primary and secondary contact information, current medications, dosages and times taken (updated as medications change).  We have also added sections for medical contacts (current doctors being seen), allergies and any programs they may be involved with.

We have received a standing ovation every time the nurse and doctor walk in to take vitals and update information and we hand them this sheet, they are amazed the amount of information that can fit onto one page as well as that someone would take the time to make not only my job easier but also their job easier.  They have been day where mom has seen (not kidding) four different medical offices in the same hospital and each has asked the same preliminary questions, What current medications are you on, When do you take them?  Do you know the dosages?  Do you have any allergies? and so forth and when it comes to mom and 17 medications, 6-7 allergies, numerous surgeries and admittance’s over the past four years the time it takes to cover all this gets old and time-consuming, believe me it all adds up.  So save yourself, your caree, your doctors, stress level and your patience some time and look into making up one of these information sheets, print out several copies, give one to any one who may take your caree to the doctors or emergency room, day programs they may be involved with, one for your get out the door bag (which should be in your car)  and 4-5 extras for your self.  Don’t forget to update and replace these regularly.  Use ours and just fill in you caree’s or your information or create one of your own.   Here’s wishing all your visits go fast and road block free.  Namaste’    \ : ^{ ) >

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