“We are all moved by greatness, when we see it we know the feeling of it  and have it within ourselves.” – Author Unknown

“I never see what has been done; 

I only see what remains to be done.”

                                     -Author Unknown

Like waves on the shore

     Most people don’t truly understand what people with chronic pain (usually meaning pain lasting for more than 12 months) mean when they say that their walking around all day in pain, just like men “Don’t” understand what it’s like for a women to give birth.  The issues with pain are, normal you smash your finger…

Dealing with the CWCAB and other agencies

“Top 5 Issues that Irk me the most out of this are:” (Part 1 of ??) The pain all of this has put my family through. The effects this has had on my relationships with my kids. I believe my wife has overcome them. How it affected my work life. This was very positive and…

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