Walk To End Alzheimer’s, It’s Up To Us. 10/3/15

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I have been posting recently regarding the, “Walk To End Alzheimer’s” that I am participating in on November 7th in Huntington Beach, Ca.  I’m sure some of you have asked your self, “Why’s he not just walking in the Sacramento, Ca. “Walk To End Alzheimer’s?”  That question has a two part answer.  The first of which is, I am walking on a team to support our good friends G.J and Steve who was (in past two years) diagnosed with the early stages of this horrible disease.  Last year I was unable to make it to the Los Angeles are to walk with the team so if some of you remember I measured out 5K, which just happen to be twice around our local Kaiser’s entire property.  Here’s my wife, Trish, Brother In-Law Robert and Taz who all came out to cheer me on at Trish, Robet and Taz Cheering for Alzheimersthe final 100 yards of my 2014 “Walk to End Alzheimer’s.”  Thanks guys.  This year an association Trish is involved with, The Sacramento Valley Association of Legal Administrators is volunteering at the October 5th Sacramento, Ca. “Walk To End Alzheimer’s,” where we will be helping sign walkers in, taking last minute donations and answering questions.  I am sorry to say me and Robert will not be able to make it today as for the past week Robert has been slowly catching something and last night it took a nose dive in him, he’s coughing like crazy with everything just sitting in his chest (you can hear it) but nothings coming out.  Trish finally reached his pulmonary doctor last night and agreed to put Robert on a Mega Dose Antibiotic to try and curb it before it gets any worse.  With the cold mornings we’re having and hot days it’s not the best to have him go out and sit in the cool weather with this thing beating up  on him so Trish and I agreed that I would stay home with Robert and her and Rachel (daughter) will still attend the walk.  As mentioned I am doing the walk in November and am still accepting donations through the Alzheimer’s web site at:


Just look up my name, Richard Kreis to insure it gets posted to the right team and walker.  All donations no matter the amount, is “GREATLY APPRECIATED.”

Our Mission:

To eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this post. And to all this years “Walk To End Alzheimer’s” volunteers, donator, sponsors, staff and anyone I may have missed, Thank You.

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