REMINDER:, “Virtual Caregiving Conference” is Today, 3/29/15

REMINDER:, “Virtual Caregiving Conference” is Today, 3/29/15


Today 2pm EST (1pm CST and 11am PST)

The conference is six, 20 minute presentations put together and presented

by caregivers for a family or friend.  Each will have a 10 minute commercial

break between them to set up the next presenter.

This years session schedule is:

Bruce and Kathy (Keynote Speakers) 2pm EST (1pm CST, 11am PST)

Richard (Organizing Paperwork) 2:30pm EST, 1:30pm CST, 11:30am PST)

Richard, Jane and G.J (Roundtable Discussion: Organizing Meds) 3pm EST (2pm CST, 12pm PST)

Trish (Managing Incontinence) 3:30 EST (2:30pm CST, 12:30pm PST)

Jim (Solo Caregiving) 4pm EST (3pm CST, 1pm PST)

Holly (Closing Session) 4:30pm EST (3:30pm CST, 1:30pm PST)

Go to to learn more about todays event and where to go to watch it.

-Thank you,

Richard K. (

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