Tuesday’s Caregiving Tip(s), 12/2/14

     Since I first started writing, PickYourPain.org and since my wife (Trish) and I started caring for my mother and my brother in-law, Robert we have been searching, designing and re-designing a way to provide first responders, doctors, well any medical personnel who would need real time medical information about us if we were unable to speak to them some sort of form that they can look at and see a brief overview of our medical history.  Currently we’re using a One Page MS Excel Spreadsheet we designed to provide them with name, necessary medical insurance information, emergency contact information, medications with dosages and schedule, allergies, past surgeries or serious medical condition, etc. in case something happens to us where we can not speak with them, they have the information needed.  The main issue here is having it on me at all times and over time it being readable.
     Right now we have used this form many times with doctors and medical responders and have received nothing but very positive comments, but even the best design can be improved on.  I found a site awhile ago, TheGrommet.com, where people go to offer products they’ve designed, build and are selling, some of them are everyday items while others are a bit out there.  In the email update I received today, there on the first screen was the EPIC-id, a USB base designed bracelet that does everything I’m looking for and is there with me when I need it and is also waterproof.  I’m not going to try and sell you this product, but I will give you the necessary information for you to review it yourself.
EPIC-id is a flash drive bracelet that you custom fit to your wrist. It carries all of your health and identifying information in case of an emergency. Simply load your information onto the pre-made templates and anyone with a computer can access it.
EPIC-id Bracelet In Box, RedEPIC-id Bracelet, Black
Materials: Stainless steel, silicone
Care: Use a cloth, warm water, and a small amount of mild detergent to wipe clean the band and clasp.
Waterproof UBS, durable stainless steel clasp with dual release buttons
PC/Mac compatible. System Requirements: Mac OS 10.7 or later; Windows XP, 7, 8, or later
No internet connection required
One size fits all – adjustable band can adjust to your size
Easy to use USB Emergency wristband
Allows EMTs, police, fire fighters or other first responders to access important medical information without need of a charged phone, passwords, or internet connection.
Digital emergency forms are pre-loaded for easy upload of important, prioritized personal information
Made in: China
Dimensions: 0.6″ x 0.06″ x 7.5″, with adjustable strap
Weight: 0.0625lbs
Available in black, red or white and at only $35.00.
      I plan on ordering one today and over a few weeks after it comes in I will be loading it with my data and then using it when needed.  Please look  for an update down the road with my thoughts, findings, suggestions and more.  If any of you readers use this product or another similar device, please feel free to let me and my readers know what you think.  Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my blogs.

Richard K.



AUTHORS BIO:    Richard is a trifecta caregiver, along with his wife he cares for himself, with Chronic Back Pain which he’s had for 21 years.  He cares for his brother in-law, Robert who has dealt with Epilepsy his entire life   now lives with Richard and his wife.  He also advocates for his mother who has various cardiac related issues, severe hearing loss and other medical issues.  You can read about his experiences with chronic pain and how he deals with his mothers and brother in-law’s issues on PickYourPain.org or at Caregiving.com.  He is also involved in several of Caregiving.com’s support groups and chat rooms, he is co-host of an internet based radio show about caregiving. Richard is also a patient adviser, board member for Intake.me which is working to improve the intake process at medical facilities.  Richard has three adult children who despite them having to deal with his medical issues growing up, he says, “They turned out better than I’d hoped for.”   Richard with ICare Shirt I, 06242014     
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