Dealing with the CWCAB and other agencies

“Top 5 Issues that Irk me the most out of this are:” (Part 1 of ??) The pain all of this has put my family through. The effects this has had on my relationships with my kids. I believe my wife has overcome them. How it affected my work life. This was very positive and…

No matter how many times I break down, there is always a little

piece of me that says NO, your not done yet Get Back Up.

– Author Unknown

Friday (7/19) 3 Positives

Friday 7/19, 3 Positives 1) Received several great comments reg.’s Mens Twitter Chat I co-hosted on 7/17/13. 2) Work day was slow, able to start on possible Sponsorship List. 3) Had a great dinner with Trish and Robert at Chili’s. 4) Son (USAF) will be home in 1.5 days. 5) Best of all,…

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