365 Caregiving Tips Practical Tips By Everyday Caregivers

Have you read any of the “365 Caregiving Tips” books or “Before the Diagnosis: Stories of Life and Love Before Dementia”? If you have, you would be doing us a HUGE favor, if you would leave an honest review on Amazon.com and/or Lulu.com. It should only take you a couple of minutes, but it would mean the world to all the authors and would help other people find these books. The last two years, NorthShore Care Supply has donated 70 copies a year of the 365 Caregiving Tips so we can give them to attendees at the Epilepsy Awareness Day at Disneyland. If you’ve received one of these books, purchased one of them, have borrowed one from the library or borrowed a copy from a friend, your review will be appreciated more than we can say! If there are things you didn’t like about our books, please leave a comment here or message me or any of the other authors, Kathy Lowrey Smith, Trish Hughes Kreis, Richard Kreis, or Pegi Foulkrod so we can do things differently in our next book. Thank you so much! And thank you Carol Howell for the wonderful review you left this week on Amazon.com! We really appreciate it!!

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