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The following blog post was copy and pasted from Trish Hughes Kreis’s (my wife’s) Facebook account (1/22/17, 9:03pm). 

“I am very excited and honored to announce the online art store of my dear friend, Pegi Foulkrod. Pegi is one of the co-authors of our 365 Caregiving Tips books and also does the artwork for the books and calendar and our website but this store is all hers! There are totes, notecards, canvas art and much more all of which have been designed with her gorgeous artwork! 
Pegi was a caregiver to her husband, Jimmy, who was her #1 fan (Richard and I are a close second!) and I just know he had a hand in creating this store. We will be posting more designs and products on an ongoing basis so be sure to check back frequently. Plus, Zazzle always has a coupon so be sure to be on the lookout for those too! 
All profits go to Pegi which I hope will get her at least a cup of coffee or even a lunch. 🙂 Mainly, though, I am honored to have been a part of making a dream come true for her. ❤ 
For cell phone covers, canvas bags, painting on canvas, note cards and much more, just Copy and Paste the following Link:
Thanks,                                                              Richard Kreis                                                         iCare Consulting               

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