What’s California going to do with all that extra $?

If you have not heard, there are hundreds of new laws that took effect on January 1, 2017.  These laws run the gambit of ones life from Salons able to serve alcohol without a permit as long as it’s free.  Or, all automatic weapons are outlawed in California and those with these weapons need to have them modified to need the new laws.  If your into it, you won’t be anymore, all powered alcohol products are illegal to sell, buy, consume or other wise in California.  

Onto our cars, there are two big ones with the first being hands free driving.  The laws are now truly 100% hands free.  You now can not even access your gps system to enter an address your trying to get to. No accessing your phone to change the song being played or even just holding your phone while using the speaker phone.  Your best bet is to put your phone in your glove box, back seat or even the trunk if you can’t go without using your phone for the short period it take you to go from A-B.   The only way to use your phone is if it’s mounted to your dash board or windshield.  Or try going to voice control and tell your phone who to call for you (1)

Then in April 2017 the DMV vehicle registration fee is going up $10 per vehicle.  In 2016 between personal and commercial vehicles, California DMV showed a total of 28,686,646 (2) vehicles being registered, yes twenty eight million.  If the $10 increase is correct then California will be taking in an additional $286,466,860.00 (3) in revenue.  I live in the Sacramento, Ca. area and the roads here are about 50/50.  I’m wondering where that hundreds of millions of dollars is going to go into.  

Let me know where you thing those funds should be spent, even if you live outside California’s boarders.  Would enjoy hearing from you.  Thank you for reading, following and sharing the posts listed here on iCareTalk.net

Thank you,                                                       Richard Kreis                                                        iCare Consulting                          http://www.iCareTalk.net                                            iCareConsulting@att.net

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