Pain News Network and the CDC Article (10/11/16)

WARNING to all People in Pain, do tou currently use an opioid to control your pain? 

Use the following link to go to an article posted by PAIN NEWS NETWORK, earlier this week (Tuesday, 10/11/16) regarding the CDC looking to cut the production and sale of opioids by 25% in 2017.  The article “Chronic Pain Patients to Rally at White House,” covers this issue and raises the question, “Will you have access to that opioid in 2017?”

If you use an opioid for your pain control, have someone you help control their pain or if you know of someone who does, read the following     post and ask yourself, what can you do to get the word out.  Start by forwarding this article or the link to everyone you know, post it on your site, let people know what the CDC is looking at doing.  We need to let our voices and our pain known.

Thank you for taking the time to read and forward this blog post and the PAIN NEWS NETWORK article.

Richard Kreis

iCare Consulting

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