Name and Platform Changes, Same Great Sound

I am happy to inform you that is expanding and to keep all of the sites linked with each other with a commonality the name had to be changed.  So as of June 30, 2016 will become;

4 – This will be where the issues of the day will be covered, previews of upcoming events and chats on all three platforms will be covered and more.



This is my Certified Caregiving Consultant business where I help new and veteran caregivers find the items they need, services they deserve, someone to listen and where to receive funding and more.

iCareRadio JPEG

iCareRadio is done through the site, an internet based radio set up.  We will cover the topics being discussed, topics you want to talk about.  The opener will be the recent CNN issue that “Everyone who takes an opioid for pain is an addict.”  The start date is set for 6/15/16.


I look forward to working on these platforms and feel they will be able to stand by themselves with the amount of issues we are currently getting.  Stay Healthy, Live Life, Love and I look forward to speaking with you all soon.


Thank you,

Richard Kreis

iCare Consulting, iCareTalk and , iCareRadio

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